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Coast of Antarctica had the third swimming of Ross unsuccessful at all. But in general Ross made a huge contribution to its research. Most closer it approached a pole. At the same time after its expedition there were many doubts in, whether there is in general the sixth continent.

Apparently, in the Middle Ages the Chinese seafarers rather regularly visited the islands of Indonesia, Philippines, India, Ceylon, reached the Arabian Sea and coast of East Africa. To the distant countries they delivered products from silk, porcelain, metals, and home brought gold, spices, horns of rhinoceroses and tusks of elephants, valuable wood.

About east suburb of the greatest continent of Eurasia even in the late Middle Ages Europeans had the most vague representations. They were reflected by cards where Asia Minor was represented unreasonably big, and Central and East - so reduced. About the northeast suburb of Asia there were no data at all.

From three remained ships only "Victoria" was able to continue a further way to Spain. Having shipped freight of spices, "Victoria" under Juan Sebastian D'Elkano's command continued a way. Having made long transition round Africa and, having avoided a meeting with the Portuguese hunting for them, 18 people returned home. Sale of the freight brought by "Victoria" not only covered all expenses on expedition, but also gave considerable profit.

Thus, Spaniards opened the western way to Asia and Islands of Spices. This the global cruise first in the history proved correctness of a hypothesis of sphericity of Earth and indivisibility of the oceans washing the land.

From the plane it was open wide (to 600 km) and extended (about one thousand kilosubway the Valley of MGG on which the greatest moves in ice coast and on an ice bottom on Earth Lambert Glacier. Its length - 450 km, width - to 120 km.

Magellan's flotilla consisted of the following ships: "Trinidad" with the displacement of 110 tons under command of the admiral Magellan; "San Antonio" - 120 tons, the captain was the inspector of fleet Juan de Cortakhena; "Konsepsion", 90 tons - the captain Gaspar de Cassada; "Victoria", 85 tons - the captain, the treasurer of fleet Luiso de Mendoza and "Sant'-Iago", 75 tons - the captain Zhuan Serrana.