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Using the Internet know how often stirs work reception of information. In "Lovely Planet" for acceleration of reception it is possible to use the special Text Express mode (in this case graphics are given in a little simplified a look.

Despite presence at the name of system the word "hotels", information concerns not only hotels, but also the directions, guides to the cities, news on tourism, alpine skiing reviews, data on weather in the world, etc.

So, for example, having specified in the section "Tourist Directions", and then Salzburg, within a minute it is possible to receive on the screen information on history and sights of the city, ­ cultural and sports events, the certificate of hotels and resorts.

So, for example, about Florida as about the tourist center of world value it is possible to receive really bottomless tourist : the description of all resorts, programs, addresses of tourist firms and association and also to look at fragments of cruise rounds seven the largest the company in the Caribbean Region.

The concept of the hypertext offered by Theodor Holm Nelson was the wonderful find which allowed to open to many people Internet access it is considered the father of idea of the hypertext in that look in which it now exists.

Other, not less effective way placement of announcements of search of partners in specialized services. In this case you expose the conditions, and the interested partners find you. To make sure of reliability of the potential partner, it is necessary to meet we sleep personally. On the Internet it is quite possible to hold preliminary negotiations with found the. Advantage of the Internet by search of partners in tourism - an of receiving materials about the potential partner.

The majority of above-mentioned opportunities of the Internet in time is used in the tourist sphere. However the particular interest in tourism organization is caused by the following forms of use of a global network:

Let's stop more in more detail on virtual office. The virtual office is a realization of any business – programs in global information space. Not many companies can show full-fledged virtual office today. Its creation runs still into money. Nevertheless considerable expenses have chance to pay off in the future, due to expansion of the sphere of a on an interregional and international basis. The real office creates effect of full presence of a remote at your office and communication with your employees. Electronic metaphors of usual office attributes: furniture, office equipments, folders with documentation - create a situation of habitual business communication for the client or the partner in spite of the fact that at this time polzovayoteley-partner are divided by the ocean.

There is a set of models of management, but not they are a consideration subject in this work. I will concentrate attention on problems of management of information in the modern organization. There is no need to prove that information represents a key factor of successful business. Any a little serious company cannot normally work, without possessing modern information infrastructure.

Berners-Li chose for the solution of the main problem the Internet a theoretical approach - and in it one of the reasons of vitality of Web technology consists. However the real revolution was fated to happen when the Internet became open for the world, and the world opened for itself the Internet. More widely to open doors the Internet for users, it was necessary to make it available to fans, inexperienced in programming.

The Internet leans on family of the protocols created for ensuring independent routing and information transfer in global networks that in cases of shutdown of one of station of a network information could be transferred to the destination, having directed it through other stations. The protocol developed for this purpose was called the protocol of a gateway exchange (Internetworking Protocol – IP).

It is one of the main information sections on tourism in the Internet. Contains data over all countries of the world. On each strayena articles on history, culture, monetary system, visa requirements, data on sights are given, specific slides, maps of the cities, areas, useful addresses - embassies,, restaurants etc. are given.