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At road accident the hurt wounds are also frequent. They can be independent or be combined with changes. Pain – the main symptom at a bruise. It weakens minutes later after a trauma a little, but renews in 2 – 3 hours because of development of hypostasis and hemorrhage. If the hurt wound is near joints, also they, as a rule, suffer – their movements become limited.

any kind of transport can hide another, moving with a high speed. The most typical case if passengers, violating rules, the bus or the trolleybus in front bypass: they practically do not see other steam of cars;

Fractures of bones of a basin occur when squeezing a basin in the different planes. In hard cases – at multiple fractures of bones of a basin or at damage of a joint of a backbone with basin bones – there can be an internal bleeding. External bruises are an indirect sign of it; very serious symptom – change of a form of a basin. Existence of these signs testifies to possibility of development of shock.

* If you are on the road in front of the car rushing on you and during the last moment understood that collision is inevitable, try if you have a good sports preparation, highly to jump up and jump on a car cowl and if you fell – to get between wheels.

Dislocations of a femur occur at influence of very big force. It can happen in a car accident if at this moment of people which is in the car sat with the foot bent in a knee. Symptoms of dislocation of a hip is the compelled position of a hip:

At wound of the person damages of branches of a facial nerve, salivary and parotid glands are not excluded. In hard cases shock develops: the victim is in the slowed-down state, he is very pale; arterial pressure tends to sharp decrease.

Those fractures of bones and joints at which there is a wound are called open. Such damages most often happen in accident situations therefore changes besides happen multiple and are followed by bleeding. All this makes heavier a condition of the victim and promotes development of traumatic shock.

- to keep all traces of incident (if it is impossible to organize a detour, drivers are obliged to make the scheme of an arrangement of all subjects and traces on the road, to sign the scheme at witnesses with addresses and phones and only after that to clean cars from the road);

Fractures of the top jaw often happen on the average line and in junctions of the top jaw to other bones of a skull. At a fracture of the top jaw the firm brain cover can be damaged that sharply makes heavier a condition of the patient.