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Htgawm amirah vann talks to be a great leader

If necessary unevenness of distribution of fertilizers is determined by the general and working width of scattering. For this purpose use baking sheets of 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,05 m in size which place in three cross rows on all width of scattering with distance between ranks not less than 5 m.

Brake system of the car it is checked at completely loaded body (11 t). Braking has to happen from one course of a brake pedal. The brake way at a movement 30km/ch speed on a horizontal site of the dry road with a hard coating should not exceed 13 m.

Operation of agricultural machine units is followed by operational expenses of work (tractor operators-drivers and auxiliary workers), mechanical energy, operational materials (fuel-lubricants, auxiliary material, and also money.

We choose the direct-flow scheme of introduction. At it fertilizers load into a spreader body directly in a warehouse, then transport and bring in the soil. In this case need for additional loaders and vehicles, and losses of fertilizers and idle times of the unit for the organizational reasons the smallest will disappear. The direct-flow technological scheme is most economically expedient and is characterized by the accurate organization of works.

Calculation of specific operational (monetary) costs of use of the machine units carried to unit of the performed work is made in economic part of an academic year project, and the method of calculation of other indicators is given below.

The amount of fertilizers is revealed scrolling of a running wheel of a spreader on a hospital or in the movement with the switched-off scattering device and the installed regulator of norm of seeding on the set dose. Turn on for a short time the giving mechanism for filling with fertilizers of a sowing crack. After that spread or suspend tarpaulin under the sowing crack, within one minute scroll the mechanism, and the fertilizers sowed in tarpaulin weigh.