Want To Write Your Own Story

What does it mean to write a first

Put work on the general advantage above benefit. Without profit any business cannot keep. But in essence in profit there is nothing bad. Well put enterprise, bringing big benefit, has to bring in the big income and will bring that. But profitability has to turn out as a result of useful work, but not lie in its basis.

By the way, some of the principles of the organization of work developed in Deytrote G. Ford adopted (naturally, taking into account specifics avtomatizirovanno-computer productions new leaders of automotive industry - the Japanese companies.

Indispensable condition of high performance and humane situation of production are the pure, light and well aired factory rooms. At fordovsky plants at each operation the space which is necessary for the worker was precisely measured (because cars at these plants were placed more closely, than at any other factory to the world.

Today in the conditions of the competition to any production structure not to do without modern, advanced technologies in the organization of management. The theory of management evolved for many decades, it a fruit of works of many prominent scientists, researchers and, certainly, experts businessmen whom Henry Ford standing at the origins of the modern theory of management treats.

Refusing to see that value which is incorrectly attributed by it, as well as in any equipment in good cars, Ford guesses the perfect organization of production developing of many components of Fordizm, but not of one any. The perfect organization consists not of good cars and good people, and consists that we in general call system.

According to Henry Ford, the main mission of education - to help the person to become independent in providing own life. By the way, at Ford's enterprises one of the first vocational schools which work can be recognized and today as bright future of our system of vocational training was created.

Production efficiency is closely connected with normalization. The industry extremely normalized and differentiated should not concentrate in the one and only factory building at all, and has to take into consideration the shipping charges and difficulties connected with production because of range of distance.

Be not afraid of the future and do not treat respectfully the past. Who is afraid of the future, i.e. failures, that limits a circle of the activity. Failures give only a reason to start over again and more cleverly. Honest failure is not shameful; the fear of failure is shameful. The past is useful only in that the relation that specifies to us ways and means to development.

Quintessence of idea of Ford that wastefulness and avidity brake true efficiency. But wastefulness and avidity not a so inevitable evil. Wastefulness follows mostly from insufficiently conscientious attitude to our actions or from their negligent performance. Avidity is a short-sightedness sort. The purpose consisted in making with the minimum expense of material and human force and to sell with the minimum profit, thereby it is possible to take as the most part of the market of sales. Similarly, Henry Ford's purpose in the course of such production – to give a salary maximum, in other words, to report the maximum purchasing power. And as also this reception conducts to the minimum costs and as sale of production goes with a profit minimum, that is opportunity to bring a product into accord with purchasing power.