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Marketing (by definition of AMA) is a process of planning, implementation of plans concerning pricing, advances and realization of ideas, goods and services by an exchange for satisfaction of the purposes of individuals and the organizations.

the concept of improvement of production - claims that consumers will be kind to goods which are widespread and available at the price, and, therefore, the management has to concentrate the efforts on improvement of production and increase of system effectiveness of distribution;

Marketing - the theory of management of firm, its production and marketing and scientific and technical activity directed on receiving the maximum profit by means of the accounting of market conditions and active influence on them, focused on satisfaction of needs of specific consumers;

the concept of improvement of goods - claims that consumers will be favorable to the goods offering the highest quality, the best operational properties and characteristics, and, therefore, the organization has to concentrate the energy on continuous improvement of goods;

the concept of Marketing - claims that pledge of achievement of the objectives of the organization are definition of needs and requirements of the target markets and ensuring desirable satisfaction more effective and more productive, than at competitors, ways;